Online Registration


 Password and User Identification (User Id)

The customer receives a password and user Id that is the customer Id. Spotnet have no responsibility as the result of the using of the password and User Id Spotnet that given, including if the deviation that caused by the third parties.

The new customers just can use the internet service (Spotnet), if they have accomplished the conditions such as copy of KTP and also settle the registration fee.


The customer has no responsibility for the using / application of internet service and having an obligation to pay all cost/fee of the using of the Spotnet service to PT. Usaha Mediantara Intranet based on the effective tarif. PT. Usaha Mediantara Intranet receives the payment by using bank transfer and cash.

The tax which appear as the result of the implementation of the customer contract will be guaranteed / covered by customer and paid to Spotnet, according to the tax regulation.


The customer has responsibility for the obligation that appears as the result of the application/using the user Id / password that given, including if the deviation that caused by the third parties. In case, which the deviation happens, according to the customer request, Spotnet will do the temporary freezing to that User Id / password and change with the new one.

Spotnet have no responsibility for the customer losses and / or that caused by the third parties may appear as the result of the using of the internet service.

 The Blocking, Disconnection and Stop Subscribing

In case where the customer can't fulfill the obligation to pay the debt and or late fine at the latest time 1 (one) month afterwards. So, the user Id/ the customer password will be blocked by Spotnet that very instantly without any information before, so that, the customer can't use the Spotnet service anymore.

If the latest time's passed, at the latest time 30 (thirty) week days after the user Id/password blocking, the customer still hasn't accomplished the payment, so that, Spotnet will cut the Spotnet service and facility.

The customer can submit the requisition to stop subscribing by written notice to Spotnet firstly, at latest 1 (one) month before.


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